Monday, July 25, 2011

This might have some relevance...

The other day I wondered out loud why the federal government was taking such a keen interest in Aaron Swartz and going out of its way to prosecute him for a "crime" despite having no one willing to step up and claim to be the victim. Well, here's a clue:

... [Swartz] worked with Shireen Barday at Stanford Law School to assess “problems with remunerated research” in law review articles (i.e., articles funded by corporations, sometimes to help them in ongoing legal battles), by downloading and analyzing over 400,000 law review articles to determine the source of their funding. The results were published in the Stanford Law Review.

There is no greater crime in the U.S. than posing a credible threat of making powerful people look bad.

(Hm, maybe I'd better be more careful what I say.)

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