Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Republican party's number one goal...

According to Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell is (still) to stop Obama from being re-elected. It's not to create jobs, or win the war on terror, or make progress towards energy independence. The single most important thing is to get Obama out of the white house by any means necessary.

Including bringing the country to the brink of default (and maybe even go over the edge -- who knows how batshit crazy these Republicans really are?)

What is most mind-boggling about this (and I have to credit this observation to Senator Al Franken) is not that the Republicans have this goal (which should come as no surprise to anyone) but that they are actually willing to admit it, that they actually seem proud of the fact that they are playing Russian roulette with the economy for political purposes.

A number of normally conservative sources are starting to desert the sinking ship. Even David Brooks has gone so far as to say that the Republicans have "No sense of moral decency." Brooks was referring to their willingness to voluntarily shirk the (by traditional conservative standards) sacred responsibility to pay back debt. But I think there's a case to be made for a much more sinister interpretation of their tactics: the Republicans show every sign of being willing to utterly destroy America's credibility and its economy in order to pander to those who want to -- why mince words? -- get that f******* n***** out of the white house.

If there's a more plausible explanation for their tactics I'm all ears.

[As a side note, I am posting this from an airplane via GoGo in-flight internet. It is truly an amazing time we live in.]


MaysonicWrites said...

that's David Brooks, not James.

Ron said...

Fixed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That was exquisitely expressed in the most eloquent, discernable way. It is precisely correct in every way, shape and form. Thank you for laying it out flat. Because most " conservative right-wing Republicans aka racist cowards don't have the sordid courage to admit that they simply want that n'gga out of office. Irregardless of who they hurt,disrespect,destroy and/or forsake.

"I have more respect for a man who expresses where he stands, even if he's wrong! Then someone who tries to come off as an angel and ain't nothing but a devil." Malcolm X