Friday, August 14, 2009

The New Atheists are a Disaster

So says Michael Ruse. I'm not sure I'd go quite so far as "disaster", but I certainly sympathize with the general sentiment.


Don Geddis said...

I disagree with Ruse (and you). (For example, I think the concern with Collins is not because he is a "devout Christian", but because Collins intends to use those beliefs to help make decisions in his official capacity as director of NIH. If Collins was a private Christian, or at least capable of separate his personal and professional life, then the New Atheists wouldn't be so up in arms.)

All that said, I understand that there are two approaches. One is us-vs-them warfare, and that's what the New Atheists do. The other is trying to find some Obama-like common middle ground, as recommended by you and Ruse. I'll grant that's not a horrible idea.

Don Geddis said...

FYI, PZ Myers (Pharyngula) has a response to Ruse. Those interested in this topic probably ought to at least read both sides.