Friday, February 06, 2015

Lyft is even more evil than Uber

Yes, I get it.  Uber is evil.  But Lyft is worse.

Today I got a text message spam from Lyft.  I don't like getting text message spam, so I tried to log in to my Lyft account to update my contact preferences so I could opt out of future spam.

It turns out that it is not possible.  I tried everything I could think of: the Lyft web site, the app, the help center.  Nothing.  If you go to the Lyft help center and search for "cancel" or "opt-out" the only thing that comes up is how to cancel a ride request.

So, Lyft folks: I understand that you are under intense pressure from Uber and you need to do something.  But this ain't it.


Luke said...

Apparently the thing to do these days is to tweet at the company and complain. You might try that. One time I tweeted at AT&T and I got an automatic Verizon tweet about switching; it was cute. But seriously, I know someone in the industry who says many companies respond to complaints this way, and even have services verging on weak AI to auto-respond to many complaints.

Ron said...

I finally figured out how to contact Lyft, and they responded. The trick turns out to be to reply to the text message with the word STOP. But man, they don't make it easy to figure that out.