Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OK, I'm game

The Guardian reports that a creationist has put up $10,000 for anyone who can prove in a mock-trial that evolution is true.  OK, I can use an extra ten grand, so I went to see how I could sign up.  The Guardian didn't have a link, but through the comments on Reddit I found the guy's web site.  What I could not find were instructions on how to accept the $10,000 challenge.  I looked at all of the obvious places, including the FAQ, and I couldn't find anything.  Compare that to the very straightforward instructions on how to apply for the James Randi prize for demonstrating paranormal phenomena.

I did find Joseph Mastropaolo's email address.  Maybe I'll just drop him a line.

[UPDATE] What the heck, I had a little down time this morning, so I sent Joe this note:

My name is Ron Garret.  I want to accept your $10,000 evolution mini-trial challenge:
But I can't find any indication of how one goes about doing it.  For example, the James Randi foundation has very straightforward instructions for anyone who wants to accept their challenge: 
but I can't find anything analogous on your site.  What am I missing? 
Thank you, 
Ron Garret, Ph.D.

Anyone want to lay odds on whether he responds?

[UPDATE2] Heh, that didn't take long. "Undeliverable mail -- invalid mailbox."

What a surprise.

OK, Joseph Mastropaolo, I'm calling you out: I want to accept your Life Science Prize min-trial challenge.  How do I do it?

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