Thursday, June 23, 2011

As long as I am on a tear about the economy...

Everyone needs to see this movie.


Don Geddis said...

For contrast, a critical review by Ezra Klein.

Klein offers no alternate explanation of the financial crisis, but he does bring up some skeptical questions that one ought to keep in mind while watching the movie.

Ron said...

I don't think Klein watched the same movie I did. The thesis of the film is not that the meltdown was catalyzed by "corrupt fools." The thesis of the film is that it was catalyzed by an an active and well orchestrated conspiracy of banks (well, actually, a bank: Goldman Sachs), rating agencies, and government officials (most of whom were, not coincidentally, alumni of Goldman Sachs). But watch the movie and judge for yourselves.

Elventear said...

Re: Klein's article.

Teresa Mendes said...

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Ron said...

> Can we invite you to come here and talk to us?

Teresa Mendes said...

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