Sunday, May 23, 2010

My sentiments exactly

Heather Havrilesky asks How can the Lost finale not suck?

[UPDATE:] Yep, pretty much every bit as bad as I was expecting it to be. God, I'm glad that's finally over. When Lapidus sends Miles out to repair a hydraulic leak on a jet airplane with duct tape I actually laughed out loud. That was pretty much the highlight of the show for me.

What a waste of talent and potential.

[UPDATE 2:] It was almost worth putting up with the last few years of Lost just so I could fully appreciate Jack Shafer's brilliant shredding of the finale. Laura Miller's deconstruction over at Salon is pretty good too. More cathartic than the actual finale.


Don Geddis said...

I don't watch Lost myself, but Basic Instructions seemed to sum up the finale pretty well.

Miles said...

Geeze Ron, either you're not posting when you enjoy something or you're really unhappy with pretty much everything these days.

Ron said...

Sorry about the negative vibes. I'm dealing with a pretty stressful situation at the moment which I won't be able to write about until it's over. It's been going on for weeks, and I'm a little frazzled. But there's light a the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Was it really duct tape? I could see using speed tape on small hydraulic leaks on a temporary basis.