Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Oabama orders a hit

Barack Obama has apparently ordered the assassination of a U.S. citizen without a trial in the name of fighting terrorism. This is an even more blatant assault on the Constitution than anything the Bush administration ever did. Bush merely spied on, tortured, and imprisoned American citizens without a trial. He never actually had one killed.

I predict that the people who are calling on members of the Bush administration to be prosecuted for war crimes will not be calling for Barack Obama to be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit murder, even though that is clearly what this is.


Unknown said...

That's crap! One of the reasons I voted for him was his knowledge of the Constitution. Dammit!

coby said...

I disagree with your prediction, at least in part. The center for constitutional rights, human rights watch, those types will call for exactly the same treatment. Mainstream media pundits and the major lefty political blogs will probably not call for any such prosecutions.