Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Breathtaking chutzpah

In a display of truly breathtaking chutzpah even by her own standards, Hillary Clinton, who just two months ago was saying that Barak Obama was not fit to be commander in chief, is now saying that she'd be willing to be his vice president. This would be surprising if not for the fact that Hillary has already demonstrated that she has no principles whatsoever, and will simply do and say anything to claw her way into power.

I will be surprised and disappointed if Obama offers Hillary the veep spot. Hillary is a delusional pathological liar and she is not fit to be dog catcher, let alone a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Hillary has obviously not come to grips with the fact that Obama beat her fair and square in large measure because of her despicable behavior and that of her supporters. You have to repent before you can receive absolution.

As for all those Clinton supporters who say they will vote for McCain rather than Obama all I can say is: you and McCain deserve each other.


Anonymous said...

Chutzpa doesn't even begin to describe what comes out of this say-anything-to-fit-the-moment candidate.

John McCain: Bush with an even worse laugh.

joe said...

Wesley Clark = best running mate option
Runner up - Jim Webb

Worst possible running mate ever.... Hillary Clinton