Monday, January 14, 2008

A Really Bad Idea (tm)

Sony is taking ease-of-use to a dangerous extreme with their new wireless standard:

"In Sony's vision of the future, any two consumer devices will be able to exchange data wirelessly with one another simply by holding them close together. The system is designed for maximum ease of use, which means limited options for controlling the transfers; devices will transfer their contents automatically to another device within range."

Someone at Sony didn't think this through.


stechert said...

Depends on what's made public. Look at the huge failure the Wikipedia has become...

Anonymous said...

Apple actually contemplated something similar when designing the first Newton, except that it was supposed to be IR-based rather than WiFi, of course. The difference is that Apple actually contemplated the security issues and then punted on the idea.

Too bad neither of them were familiar with the work on capability security, as exemplified by the E programming language! ;-)