Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spiritual bankruptcy defined

Ask and ye shall receive. Spiritual bankruptcy is when you are driven to "seek love in rank public bathroom stalls."


denis bider said...

Are you proposing that "spiritual bankruptcy" equals hypocrisy? If that is the case, it follows that atheists and agnostics would be less prone to it than believers. Of those, only the believers have to reconcile irrational beliefs with living in a world built on logic.

denis bider said...

And while we're listing examples of spiritual bankruptcy - here's another one: Mother Theresa died trying to hide a profound and prolonged loss of faith.

Religion is a rare place where losing a belief in things you never saw is something shameful and considered a weakness. In clinical psychiatry, one would think such change is an improvement. But in religious circles, you are seen as weak if you don't manage to stay insane. The preferred state of mind is the insane one.

That's just another reason why religion is fundamentally evil.

Ron said...

Are you proposing that "spiritual bankruptcy" equals hypocrisy?

No, but hypocrisy is often one of the symptoms.