Monday, October 02, 2006

Republicans oppose the nanny state? Wanna bet?

To help promote individual freedom and personal responsibility, and as part of their never-ending struggle against Democratic efforts to institute a "Nanny State", the Republicans have banned on-line gambling.


Casey Kochmer said...

Some days it doesnt make sense.

At first I would think its becuase the casinos and organize crime woulndt want online gamblings... but hey no, thats silly since they would be part of it.

So the only reason i can think of is it would cut into state gambling games like lotto.

Its all about the dollars and I am curious where the trail of dollars leads to in this one?

Speaking of which have you heard anything about that religious bill that got passed last week in amoung all the other nasty bills... I have to look into that one, but it seems congress was very busy last week...

so it goes...

Great blog, gotta place ya on my blog roll good sir.



cerebrator said...

i see the issue of gun possession is not raised. is it because the fight to rule out arms is dying?