Friday, May 19, 2006

Never again? Think again.

Iran is contemplating a new law that would require Jews (and Christians this time around) to wear special insignia.

I'm not sure what is more shocking, that they would do this, or that there are still Jews in Iran.

[Update: there are indications that the cited story is not true. Nonetheless, the fact that it is plausible enough to cause such a kerfuffle is disturbing in and of itself.]


Rogel said...

All the reports I see about this news pointing to the same source. Do you know how reliable it is?

Ron said...

There is at least one additional source that claims independent confirmation:

But by and large the conventional wisdom in the blogosphere seems to be that the story is bogus. That would be a good thing.

One way or another this is going to be interesting.

Rogel said...

The Iranian diplomacy is a mistory to me. One would assume that while trying to achieve strategic goal of nuclear capability they will keep out of any international conterevarsy, but they are doing excactly the opposite.
any way it seems that this report was incorrect: