Thursday, October 28, 2004

Just in time for Halloween

This is really scary.

(The PDF is huge, around 5MB, so if you have a slow connection here's the original PowerPoint presentation , which is only 900k.)


Ron said...

I've switched from the third party comment system I was using to Blogger's comment system (now that it has one). There weren't very many comments on the old system so I didn't try to import them, but if you made a comment that you really want to see remain let me know and I'll see what I can do about moving it from A to B.

Rog said...

Great presentation, I agree with about 90% of it. Did you make it?

Ron said...

No, it was done by a colleague of mine named Marcel Schoppers.

Personally, I think he's being a little alarmist. I doubt we're headed back to the stone age. In particular, I think molten salt nuclear reactors will save the day, at least for our basic energy needs. But air travel may well become a thing of the past in our generation.