Tuesday, November 11, 2003

It means "fuck you" in Arabic

This story appears on MSNBC, but I read it in Newsweek. Seems the local bombers in Iraq paint warnings on the roads that only the locals can read because they are in Arabic. But the Americans are learning the local customs:

"The Americans are leaning the universal language of insult. They catch on now when Iraqis in the seething Sunni Triangle flash them a backhanded V sign, which conveys roughly the same message as an extended middle finger back in the States. When Americans wish to demonstrate their contempt to the locals, they point to the soles of their feet, deeply offensive to Iraqis."

Whoa. Hold on there. Wind that back. "When Americans wish to demonstrate their conempt to the locals..."? Excuse me? In case you'd forgotten, we invaded them, not the other way around. And we wonder why the world hates us? The world hates us because we're a bunch of self-righteous assholes whose proudest achievement in mastering the local customs of a country that we have invaded is learning how to express our contempt for them! Unbelievable! I am at an utter loss to express how outraged I am. (I'm not sure what outrages me more, that this is happening, or that no one seems to be outraged about it.) I am ashamed to be an American today. On Veterans Day. I think I'm going to be sick.


Unknown said...

your a douche bag... you might be sick on veterans day, but people like you make veterans sick every day. before you start talking shit, you should try walking a click in a soldiers boots... fuck you

Gary Ickes said...

I cannot "like" the above comment but as a veteran, I too would like to through my "fuck you" into the ring.

ur a mere fu said...

the 2 comments above are discusting, we don't you 2 be a 6 year old who has no idea how to speak english, harmless, and been in near death situations while you are proud of your Americans, we ( ahm, if you hadn't realized i am from Iraq) are getting killed! everyday i miss my country, so shut the fuck up before i kick both of you asses

Anthony said...

Having been in Iraq quite some time I see you are one of the more ignorant ones that escaped! The people I helped set up shops on the bases and in a couple of other cities wrote better english than you! Unlike you they are still there trying to help their country! I have been military for 21yrs and the creator of this post should go live over there or anywhere there is strife and see the good we and others do. I am not saying we are perfect but what man is? Lets look back on your life and see if you are able to cast the first stone! I would hope also sir that you would not corrupt Veterans Day by celebrating it in any way or even thinking of it since you have not earned that right.... in any country.... since all countries have their own form of paying respect to military and "Civilian" vetereans. Have a good day "ShoKran"