Thursday, August 14, 2003

Dave prognosticates

A fellow named Dave prognosticates thusly:

"It occurred to me during my travel that if you want to see America's future, you don't need to imagine Orwell's boot-stomping-on-a-human-face metaphor - you just have to visit an airport. The omnipresent surveillance, the variety of pass-cards and restricted areas, the overpriced bad food, the kindergarten safety-scissorsizing of anything that might savagely clip a pilot's toenails, the constant repetition of recorded voices over loudspeakers, the superstitious courtesy to security guards who can ruin your day on a whim - these are all features that are coming to a shopping mall near you, then to your school or business park, then to your downtown or your gated community."

I think he's right.

The rest of the blog also makes interesting reading. In a nutshell, he advocates living a low-income ascetic lifestyle in order to avoid paying income tax. Unlike most income tax avoidance schemes this one is actaully legal, though it takes some self-discipline to actually put it into practice (unless, of course, like millions of people you have no choice because you're poor).

The hosting site also seems to be full of interesting links, including this one.

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