Friday, October 09, 2009

What were they thinking?

Despite my criticisms of him, I'm still a pretty big fan of Barack Obama. He's certainly doing a better job than George Bush did, or than John McCain would have. (Don't even get me started on Sarah Palin!) Still, I don't think the Nobel Prize committee did anyone any favors, least of all Obama, by awarding him the Peace Prize. As the New York Times diplomatically puts it:

"The Nobel Peace Prize is a reminder of the gap between the ambitious promise of President Obama’s words and his accomplishments."

I'll say. Obama has been president less than a year, for crying out loud! Couldn't they at least have waited until he actually did something before awarding him the Prize? The only thing this will do is give fodder Obama's right-wing critics who complain that Obama gets more credit than he deserves. In this case, they'll be right.

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