Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love Leopard!

24 hours into a bleeding-edge upgrade to OS X Leopard I am in love. After getting past a few startup glitches (most notably a nasty interaction of Leopard with Spotless) everything is working perfectly. I'm even getting used to the look of the new dock! Some of the highlights so far:

1. Spotlight privacy settings survive volume dismounts, so Spotless is no longer needed.

2. After Time Machine does its initial backup, subsequent incremental backups are barely noticeable.

3. Safari now does spell checking in text areas. No more typos in my blog!

4. Lots and lots of little annoyances in Tiger have been fixed, too many to list them all separately. The network control panel has been streamlined. Download progress reports are more informative. The text search within a web page in Safari kicks ass.

5. Leopard is faster than Tiger. I see the SBBOD much less than I used to.

And most important from my geeky point of of view:

6. Objective C now supports garbage collection!

I am stoked! For anyone considering upgrading to Leopard, I say go for it. Just be sure to disable Spotless first.

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