Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The wrong headline

The Guardian has a story headlined George Bush insists that Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. So why, six years ago, did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb? I think the headline writer got it wrong. The right headline would be, "Why is George Bush so confident that Iran is going to build a bomb? Because the Iranians got the information they need to do it on his watch."


Ross said...

To me, this story just continues to reinforce my position that direct manipulation of foreign interests through military and covert means does not work. Every time the CIA has been used to meddle in foreign affairs, it hurts the US. Both Clinton and Bush were convinced that this plan was a good one. But like most CIA plans that have come to light, the ultimate result is pretty much the exact opposite of what they were hoping for.

My faith in the institution of US government continues to decline. Not because a near-retard like Bush could get elected. Not because a documented genius like Clinton could still get so many things wrong (DMCA, scary gun ban, etc.). But because none of it actually makes this country a better place. When people in the US make progress, it's despite and not because of the efforts of those in power.

Does anyone have any ideas on good places to emigrate? New Zealand has very little technology. Ireland is a part of the UK and further along on implementing the police state than even the US. The Netherlands is screwed under most of the predictions of even moderate climate change.

Unknown said...
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denis bider said...

I'm working on establishing my own country. You're welcome to join. We just need to find some $50 billion to enable us to have a good start first. :)