Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where's my tin foil hat?

I don't normally subscribe to conspiracy theories, but this is looking pretty frickin' weird.

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Ross said...

I'm much more likely to attribute the nuke screw-up to incompetence than conspiracy. I grew up as an Air Force brat and I know a few things about how the Air Force does things (cheaply, and only when it has to).

Fuck-ups worse than "nukes on a plane" have happened on a yearly basis, but most simply don't make the news. For instance, there's a decomissioned nuclear reactor at Wright-Patterson AFB with more radioactive exposure per week than TMI ever released (it's the concrete tower adjacent to the old B-36 flightline ramp in Area B). How does the Air Force propose to deal with that? Well, while it's an active base, they don't have to. So WPAFB will never be shut down as an Air Force Base. Seriously. That's the solution.

Besides, Barksdale is already a SAC base with hundreds of nukes of several descriptions. Six more obsolete ALCM warheads isn't going to substantially alter their world-ending capability.

As for the deaths, motorcycles are dangerous. Both my wife and I commute on motorcycles every day and I have to be on my toes at every moment or I'd already be dead a dozen times over. So far, I don't see anything to get in a twist over.