Monday, October 16, 2006

They're mad as hell

The South Florida (can you imagine?) Sun-Sentinal reports that Atheist groups are on the rise.

Just another sign that the Apocalypse must be imminent.


Larry Clapp said...

WHO is mad as hell? The article seems pretty empty of any judgements or emotion at all. The comments -- though I haven't read them all -- seem to be inflamed by an obvious troll calling itself Marsha. Gosh, a troll, imagine.

Ron said...

WHO is mad as hell?

Well, it was supposed to be a somewhat humorous headline (since atheists don't believe in hell). But I was referring to this:

Horrified by escalating religious violence and alarmed by the Bush administration's "faith-based initiatives," which make government money available to religious organizations, atheists are coming out of the closet -- and organizing.

Larry Clapp said...

Ah, the atheists are mad as hell. Gotcha. Sorry. /me was slow that day. :)