Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Einstein, eat your heart out

Your's truly has received a patent on a device that allows faster-than-light communications. :-)


denis bider said...

Is this a joke by which you mean to illustrate how the US patent system is broken, or is it an attempt to put your foot in the door, so to speak, if something like this somehow turns out to be workable in a few decades?

If it's a joke, a few paragraphs explaining your take on the US patent system, in light of this patent, would be in order.

Either way, it is kind of despicable that the US patent system allows this to go through. :(

Ron said...

Is this a joke ... or is it an attempt to put your foot in the door

That all depends on whether the thing actually works :-)

asdf said...

American Journal of Physics, 64 (1996) 31-34, 1202

an online reprint:
(check out #7)

I just found this paper the other day when I was looking for questions to use in a midterm for the class I'm TA'ing. I believe that superluminal information transfer conflicts with relativity (as I'm sure you suspect based on your Einstein reference), but I don't have a more explicit reference at the moment than the one above.

cerebrator said...

i seriously doubt this works....
i put my bet on Einstein

Publius said...

Ron! Check this out:

You might want to inform them of your patent!

Ron said...

I'll get my lawyers on it first thing in the morning.

(Seriously, dude, who *are* you that you even remembered this? I posted this ten years ago!)