Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let me see your papers

The U.S. has taken yet another step towards totalitarianism. A U.S. Appeals Court has ruled that "'The Constitution does not guarantee the right to travel by any particular form of transportation.'"

I guess they didn't read this bit.

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Bernardo Malfitano said...

All right. Maybe it is unconstitutional to have a LAW that requires you to show ID before you can board an airliner. But it is still within an airline's right to demand you show ID before they let you in their plane, at least to confirm that you are the person you claim to be (the person who bought the ticket). For example, in running a business, I could make a rule that says "You can only pay with a credit card if you show a driver's license". Heck, I could make a rule that says "You only walk in the store if you show me your driver's license, so that I know who to go after in case you cause any damage/trouble/shrinkage". If someone is going to be on/in my property, I can always let them or NOT let them, according to my rules. If someone wants me to do something for them (like fly them across the country), I don't HAVE to do it if I don't want to. Stores can refuse to do business with certain people, and they can specify under what circumstances they are CERTAIN to refuse to do business (like, say, if the wannabe customer is not wearing shoes or a shirt). I can specify that, if you don't show me ID, I'm not gonna want to fly you across the country.