Saturday, December 16, 2017

Here comes the next west coast mega-drought

As long as I'm blogging about extreme weather events I would also like to remind everyone that we just came off of the longest drought in California history, followed immediately by the wettest rainy season in California history.  Now it looks like that history could very well be starting to repeat itself.  The weather pattern that caused the six-year-long Great Drought is starting to form again.  It is now deep into what would normally be the rainy season, but the last time it rained was over two weeks ago.  The forecast is for zero percent chance of rain into the foreseeable future (which at the moment is through Christmas).

But I guess we deserve it because we voted for Hillary.

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Publius said...

Don't Blame Global Warming

California May See More Rainfall Over the Next Century
"New research by Robert Allen, a climatologist at the University of California, Riverside, suggests that climate change may actually result in more precipitation – and more floods and storms."

El Niño-like teleconnection increases California precipitation in response to warming, Allen, Lupowitz; Nature Communications, May 2017.
". . . Models that better simulate the observed El Niño-CA precipitation teleconnection yield larger, and more consistent increases in CA precipitation through the twenty-first century."