Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We interrupt this travelogue...

We've been informed that the Japanese do not allow boats in their territorial waters to use satellite communications links. Why this is (or how they would even know) is not clear. So once we hit Japan we will have only sporadic Internet connectivity (essentially only a few hours between ports when we can get far enough from land that we are no longer in Japanese territorial waters). It's damned annoying. Updates will be sporadic for the next week or so.

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Unknown said...

Too bad, Ron, I've been waiting anxiously for your updates and am enjoying being "along for the ride." Enjoy Japan and we'll look forward to the whole story when you can.

My wife (Cindy) and Nancy met on the hike in Skagway, we were on just for the Alaska part, but really want to do the longer trip in the next couple of years and your commentary is providing insights and education for the day we are fortunate enough to do the whole enchalada.

Thanks for all your updates and have fun!