Saturday, August 29, 2009

Turn for the worse

The fire turned around overnight. Mandatory evacuations are in effect 100 yards from our house. Fresh layer of ash on the ground, tons of smoke. Need to go make preparations to bug out.

[UPDATE 9:10 AM] Not as bad as I thought. FIre is still slow moving, coming up the canyon one ridge over from us. There's a street between us any any direction the fire could come. If the Santa Anas were blowing we'd be hosed, but they're not so I'm not too worried yet.

[Update 10:08 AM] Mandatory evacuation was just extended to our area. We're bugging out.

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asdf said...

i'm renting a small house near washington/hill which is kinda close... if you need a place to come hang out or store stuff or whatever, send me an email: