Friday, November 30, 2007

Today's immigrant bashers are the children of illegal immigrants

Kelly, a native American reader of Glen Sacks's blog tells it like it is:

Let me tell you what I think of you pathetic immigrant bashers. You and your families have no right to be here. You are the descendents of liars, thieves, and genocidal murderers. Your ancestors have no honor. We gave you help, food and shelter when you needed it, and guided Lewis and Clark across the continent. In return, you broke every promise you ever made, shot us in back whenever you could, cut down the forests, killed the wildlife, and stole everything that was not nailed down.

Laws, treaties, boundaries, borders, and promises meant nothing to you if you thought that, as a white man, you deserved to have it. Gold on our sovereign land, here comes the white man! Shortcut to the West, we don't need to pay any damn Indians no damn toll fees. There is very little moral difference between your ancestors' actions and some gang member who is helping himself to your grandma's wallet. A squatter is a squatter. So I tell you squatters to get off your high horse.

I think it is worth noting that Kelly admonishes the immigrant bashers to get off their high horse, but not to go back where they came from.

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