Saturday, April 07, 2007

If she floats she must be a witch

In a nushell: on March 11 a school received a bomb threat and through their phone logs traced the call back to a 15-year-old boy,who was arrested and incarcerated for twelve days despite the fact that the boy's voice sounded nothing like the voice on the tape.

Of course the authorities had forgotten about the early onset of daylight savings time, and the boy had actually called the school an hour before the bomb threat.

Aside from the scary fact that it took twelve days for the authorities to sort this out, the account contains this precious little burn-the-witch moment:

"After he protested his innocence, ... the principal said: 'Well, why should we believe you? You're a [terrorist]. [Terrorist]s lie all the time.' "

All this would be more amusing if we hadn't been doing more or less the same thing on an epic scale for over five years now.

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niv said...

Your post would be amusing if it wasn't so true it hurts.
Of course, the fact that we need to defend the right of a fair trial is sad by itself; even if the kid was guilty.