Sunday, September 24, 2006

More than a little scary

Stumbled on a little quiz to see if you can tell the difference between expensive modern art and paintings done by children.

What scared me was that I actually did well on the quiz. This rocked my worldview, which includes the belief that moden art is a game whose object is to con people into paying outrageous amounts of money for random crap. (Money is only the secondary objective. The real point is the laughs you get at the buyer's expense at the secret artist beer-bash following the auction.)

I think (hope?) that the quiz wasn't well constructed. The positive examples were mainly by very famous artists with very distinctive styles. It's not hard even for an amateur like me to spot a Picasso or a Pollack. I think they would have made the point better if they had picked less canonical paintings.

Oh, I also think Stanislav Shpanin has a bright career ahead of him. You heard it here first.

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denis bider said...

Man, I just keep coming back to your blog and am stumped how every single post you write I'm in agreement with.

That's peculiar because I thought of myself, based on experience, to be a 'black sheep' kind of person whose opinions are so strong and so different from the mainstream, and on such a variety of topics, that it would be near impossible to ever find anyone who really thinks much alike. Pretty much everyone who I'm in agreement with on some topic, I'm in disagreement with on some other. But you, man, your posts are like... as if written by my twin brother. That's... a bit creepy. :)

Damn, even our blogs are on the same site and are based on the same graphical template. OK, the template is the default, so maybe that's not such a coincidence. :)