Friday, June 21, 2019

Still think climate change is a hoax?

I wonder how many train wreck corn harvests it will take before Trump supporters start to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he isn't always telling them the full unvarnished truth.


ash said...

Sorry to comment to an old blog post.

It seems to me that there's not much debate on whether climate is changing. Climate is changing (and has always been changing).
The same with humans' contribution to climate change. Of course people contribute to it.

But there's one question I haven't been able to find the answer to. To what extent humans are contributing to climate change? Is it 10%, 50%, 90%?

Ron said...


No problems commenting on an old post. And you've asked a fair question. The answer is that we don't know the *exact* percentage, we just know that the human contribution is significant, almost certainly closer to 90% (possibly more) than 50%. See:

The TL;DR is that yes, many natural phenomena are known to cause climate change. But none of them are happening at the moment. The only remaining cause of the observed temperature rise is human activity, and specifically CO2 emissions.