Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Wyoming bill forbids utilities from using renewables

From the Christian Science Monitor:
Republican legislators recently introduced a bill that would essentially ban large-scale renewable energy in the state.  The new Wyoming bill would forbid utilities from using solar or wind sources for their electricity by 2019... 
Remind me again which party is the one that opposes government regulations and interference in free markets?

A commenter on Hacker News posted a hypothesis:
Republicans are not at all in any way pro free market, that's just a propaganda ploy, a Jedi mind trick for the weak. They are, have always been, classist. They believe in retaining class distinctions. Everything they do is a preservation of differentiation of the American version of the caste system. And it's why some people seem to vote against their economic interests, like coal workers. They voted Republican to preserve their class, not actually get ahead, and to preserve the class of their company's owners, rich landed elite.
That seems to me to be consistent with all the available data.

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