Thursday, June 30, 2016

Boris Johnson jumps ship

Not that I should be surprised by this, but Boris Johnson, leader of the Brexit movement, just announced that he will not run for prime minister.

What a sniveling coward.  After getting his country into this mess, he abandons ship and says, in effect, that it's someone else's job to get them out.  Johnson is Gilderoy Lockhart made flesh.  Or maybe Sir Robin.

If there is going to be a silver lining to Brexit, it will be that the causal chain from policy to catastrophe will be so stark and brightly drawn that it will be very hard for anyone to miss or deny (not that that will necessarily stop anyone from trying).  It is most unfortunate that this lesson will be so painful and it will take generations to repair the damage (if indeed it can ever be fully repaired).  But maybe this time the message will stick: conservatives are always wrong about everything.


Don Geddis said...

I did enjoy the whole post ... except for the very last phrase. That seems to throw a gratuitous unsupported political "us vs. them" onto what otherwise would have been a legitimate criticism of a horrible leadership moment.

Ron said...

That was just supposed to be a little bit of dark, ironic humor. Of course conservatives aren't wrong about everything (that would run afoul of Ron's First Law: all extreme positions are wrong). But modern conservatives are wrong about an awful lot, in no small measure because modern conservatives tend towards the extremes more than modern liberals.

Don Geddis said...

Agreed! :-)