Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Yet another reason never to fly Korean Air

Aside from the fact that Korean pilots are incompetent, a KAL executive today ordered a flight to return to the gate because she didn't like how her macadamia nut were served.

Freaking out about how your nuts are served is bad enough, but delaying an entire planeload of passengers simply because you can is way beyond the pale.

The AP (via ABC news) reports:
[The executive in question] is the oldest child of Korean Air's chairman, tycoon Cho Yang-ho. Her two siblings are also executives at South Korea's largest airline.
As the mechanic who opened the hood of the car to find the engine missing said, "Well, there's yer problem right there."  And the way things are going at KAL it would hardly surprise me to see that scene actually played out there.

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snowman said...

Aftermath: Heather Cho was forced to resign and later 'was found guilty of violating aviation safety law and sentenced by a court in Seoul to one year's imprisonment without probation over the incident'. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Cho

It is nice to see a spoiled kid getting punished.