Friday, October 18, 2013

The coolest thing ever

Saturn.  From above.

If this doesn't blow your mind, nothing will:
[N]ote how you can faintly see the dark side of Saturn, to the left. The clouds on that side of the planet are not being lit by the Sun, but by the reflected light from the rings themselves! In the same way our own Moon can be bright enough to read by, Saturn's rings illuminate its night. Imagine: Saturn, by ringshine.
Go check out the high-resolution original.


Anonymous said...

Why is Saturn's shadow on the dark side? If the light is only moon reflection then the other side should have direct shine.

Ron said...

Most of the light is direct sun light coming from the right side of the picture, hence the shadow on the left. The ringshine is illuminating the darker (but not completely dark) side of the planet on the left.