Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glen Beck is a complete lunatic

This video is proof. In it, Beck spins this bizarre conspiracy theory about how labor unions, communists and radical Islamists are plotting to bring about "fundamental change" in the United States under the rubric of "One Nation." He specifically cites as the cyberspace HQ for this nefarious plot.

Trick is, is a right-wing web site advocating English-only education. One has to wonder if Beck (or his producers) even bothered to look at the site before deciding to point to them as the bogeyman for the twenty-first century.

No wonder even Bill O'Reilly looked skeptical.

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Epsilon Given said...

I have no idea what Glenn Beck is talking about, but a quick Google search dredged up "One Nation Working Together" at

which seems left-of-center.

Informing people of the "abbreviated" URL still makes him look foolish, of course.