Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sniveling cowards

Just when you thought the policies coming out of the twisted little brains of the Bush administration couldn't possibly get any more perverse we learn that they want to prevent torture victims from talking to lawyers because

"Improper disclosure of other operational details, such as interrogation methods, could also enable terrorist organizations and operatives to adapt their training to counter such methods, thereby obstructing the CIA's ability to obtain vital intelligence that could disrupt future planned terrorist attacks"

And what of the innocent people who are accidentally caught up in this secret web of kidnapping and torture and God only knows what else because of bad intelligence or vendettas or political agendas or less-than-iron-willed people who are willing to say anything to stop the pain? Unfortunate but necessary "collateral damage" in the war against terrorism you say? Then what exactly is it that distinguishes us from the terrorists?

Actually, I can think of one thing: the terrorists are not willing to sacrifice their principles to save their own skin.

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asdf said...

I am really becoming scared because I can not believe all the things that are coming out in these midterm elections. I believe a *lot* more dirt is going to come out eventually, that it will all be laid upon Bush, and the world will laud the next president who will be viewed as a crusading champion. However, this next president will be so popular that people will not mind how powerful (given all the new legislation that has been passing) they are.

I find it hard to believe that all of this is just incompetence on the part of Bush.