Friday, April 28, 2006

The FDA squanders its credibility

Since the FDA, in a patently absurd and obviously politically motivated move, declared that marijuana has no medical benefits, the news is chock full of stories reviewing all the scientific studies (to say nothing of the anecdotal evidence) that show unequivocally that it does. I'll just note this one since it's very well written and comes from The Economist, which is hardly a bastion of left-wing propaganda.

You know, if one's goal were to get the truth about marijuana's benefits out there for people to see, one could hardly imagine a more effective strategy than to get the FDA to make such a manifestly false claim. Someone in the administration is either very stupid or very clever.

My money is on stupid.

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MissM said...

I found you via the xooglers blog, and enjoy what you write. I read this story (at Radical Writ ) and thought it added to the conversation about how ridiculous prohibition is. When decriminalization or legalization would generate controls and tax revenue.