Saturday, December 10, 2005

Welcome to the new PC

By which I mean Political Correctness, not personal computer.

A professor of religious studies was beaten after making comments deemed insulting to Christianity.

He has also, as a result, resigned as chair of the religious studies department of the University of Kansas, and withdrawn a course he was going to teach on creationism and intelligent design.

For now at least, is seems the terrorists have won.


MTR said...

Um... Hm. Once incident and suddenly the Christians, victims of political correctness, not control it? Nevermind the fact that these wack-jobs could hardly be considered christian.

MTR said...

Oh yeah. And this guy who hates Christians must be telling the truth, I mean, why would he lie? "These Christians, just meanies. They beat me up!"

Sorry, we're not the assholes you wish we were.

"On Monday, Mirecki was treated at a Lawrence hospital for head injuries after he said he was beaten by two men on a country road. He said the men referred to the creationism course. Law enforcement officials were investigating."

Ron said...

However, it sounds to me like the good Prof was pretty closed minded himself.

And that justifies beating him up?

MTR said...

"And that justifies beating him up?"

Never, but to say those who beat him up represent Christianity is akin to saying Pat Robertson represents Christianity. They may have been Christians (very, very mislead Christians), but not a single Christian friend of mine (that I know of) would ever do such a thing. All the Christian I know are gentle people...

Ron said...

Pat Robertson represents Christianity

Many self-styled Christians say that he does, and a fair number of them even back up that claim with their pocketbooks. Who am I to argue?

MTR said...

"Who am I to argue?"

And many do not. I only want to point out that it's not so easy to categorize Christians.

Publius said...

Case closed.